ICRF Presents




The 7th annual ICRF Presents is an exciting and unique event hosted by Israel Cancer Research Fund (ICRF) featuring an evening of musical entertainment filled with some of the most beloved Broadway tunes.


Join us at the esteemed Koerner Hall for live vocal performances by outstanding professional and amateur talent from Toronto’s musical theatre community.


Guests begin the evening with a warm reception, featuring delectable bites and beverages followed by a performance that will have you singing in your seats all night.


Funds raised from this evening will go to support ICRF Funded Cancer Research. ICRF supports researchers at all of the major research institutions in Israel.

Featuring Performances by North America’s Biggest Musical Stars:

And Toronto’s Own Outstanding Professional Talent:





2018 ICRF Presents Event Chairs and Committee:

Co-Chairs: Jeffrey Bly, Richard Flomen, Norman Shiner

Committee: Daniella Greenspan, Amy Kaiser, Daniella Kuhl, Judy Librach, Naomi Melvin, Avy Oaknine, Janet Shiner, Gillian Tessis

Producer: Corey Mandell

Lead Vocal Coach: Marla Joy


About us

Israel Cancer Research Fund is one of the largest sources of private funds for cancer research in Israel. It is the only charitable organization in North America devoted solely to supporting cancer research in Israel.

ICRF-funded researchers continue to make significant progress in the fight against cancer by developing new, sophisticated anti-cancer drugs, advancing techniques in bone marrow transplantation, and enhancing our understanding of molecular events that contribute to the development of all types of cancers.

Since its inception, ICRF’s funding has now reached over 2,400 grants totaling approximately US $67,000,000 and continues to grow every year.