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ICRF Fundraising Challenge

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to insure the continuity of Israeli science by enabling Israeli scientists to sustain lifelong professional scientific careers in Israel, and prevent "brain drain" to countries with wealthier research economies.

ICRF Funds go directly to Scientists in Israel, to enable their research. Funds are never redirected for other purposes or used for brick and mortar.

When you give to ICRF, you join a family of forward-thinking philanthropists, focused on the most important thing – finding a cure.

Ultimately, ICRF helps Israel's best and brightest scientists maintain their rightful place on the World stage, bringing recognition, praise and pride to the State of Israel.

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Donation deadline is June 30th, keep the momentum going!

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Jennifer Ouaknine, Executive Director


Superb Scientists

Israel has the highest concentration of scientists and physicians per capita

Cost-effective research

Funding scientists in Israel has 30% less overhead costs than North American research

Institution Neutral

Funding goes to scientists at all of Israel's top biomedical research centers

Targeted Funding

ICRF directly funds individual vetted scientists, rather than "bricks and mortar"