Breakthrough Research Campaign

Breakthrough Research Campaign

Help ICRF reach it’s goal of raising $5.4 Million
for cancer research!


Our Impact

Israel Cancer Research Fund has over 45 years of history fighting cancer, and we anticipate continued success along the road to the cures. With the valuable assistance of ICRF-funded scientists and our international family of friends, we feel confident that those cures will come from Israel.

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Invest in research with us.





Startup Nation
Israel is a global powerhouse for innovation and entrepreneurialism.

Diversified Research
ICRF is currently funding 71 researchers across 11 institutions in Israel working on all areas of cancer research.

Only The Best
All grants are reviewed by a scientific research panel of leading oncologists and scientists in North America.

ICRF is the only charitable organization in North America that is dedicated solely to funding cancer research in the State of Israel.

Goes Further
Research in Israel carries less overhead than North American research & funds are allocated directly to our scientists in their labs.

Investing In Israel
Our researchers reaffirm the State of Israel’s relentless pursuit of scientific innovation and its commitment to help heal the world.

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The answer to cancer is research.