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Superb Scientists

Israel has the highest concentration of scientists and physicians per capita

Cost-effective research

Funding scientists in Israel has 30% less overhead costs than North American research

Institution Neutral

Funding goes to scientists at all of Israel's top biomedical research centers

Targeted Funding

ICRF directly funds individual vetted scientists, rather than "bricks and mortar"

ICRF was founded in 1975 by a group of American and Canadian physicians, scientists and lay people who sought to prevent the permanent loss of Israel's most promising cancer researchers to foreign universities. Due to the lack of funding in Israel for newly-minted Ph.D's, post-doctoral fellows, and accomplished young scientists, many scientists were looking elsewhere for grants: this is where ICRF has bridged the gap for decades.


Scientific Discoveries


p53 gene tumor suppressor

Demonstrated that the p53 end acts as a tumor suppressor - one of the hallmark discoveries in cancer in the 20th century.

The Philadelphia Chromosome

Identified the structure of the Philadelphia Chromosome, the first genetic linkage identified in leukemia. This lead to the development of Gleevec, one of the first targeted cancer therapies.


This cancer drug works overtime to treat ovarian, breast and AIDS-related cancers.

RAD 51

Used to identify the likelihood of breast cancer occurring in women who carry the BRCA 2 gene.

The Ubiquitin System

Our discovery led to development of the miracle drug Velcade® for treatment of multiple myeloma.

Israel Winning the Nobel Prize

ICRF-funded professors Avram Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover won for their discovery of the ubiquitin system. Their research resulted in the development of the drug Velcade® named “The Top Medical Breakthrough of 2003” by the Wall Street Journal.

Improved Cancer Treatment

ICRF scientists have discovered improved chemo-therapies and advanced techniques in bone marrow transplantation that have improved the survival rates and eased the suffering of many people battling cancer.


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