Finding treatments and cures for all forms of cancer

Our Story

Since 1975, medical researchers, oncologists, and lay people have been fighting for a cure for cancer via the work of ICRF.  We harness the knowledge, educational resources, and research of Israels’ best and brightest scientists in order to save the lives of cancer patients in Toronto, North America and throughout the world.

ICRF's StoryWe have dedicated teams in six cities across three countries – the United States, Canada and Israel — with our international headquarters in New York City. Each chapter has an active Boards of Directors, an International Board of Trustees, an International Scientific Council, a Scientific Review Panel, and a Scientific Advisory Board.

ICRF has funded scientists who went on to discover incredible medical breakthroughs. Two of our very own ICRF-funded  scientists (Professors Avram Hershko and Aaron Ciechanover of the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology) were nominated for and received the 2004 Nobel Prize in chemistry. We are committed to the medical breakthroughs that the ICRF founders envisioned in 1975 and continue to seek cures and treatments.


USD 67,000,000



To date, ICRF has contributed more than US $67,000,000 for over 2400 grants, involving all major hospitals, universities and cancer research projects throughout Israel.