Finding treatments and cures for all forms of cancer

Major Gifts

Postdoctoral Fellowship

A named Fellowship is valued at US$55,000 and is awarded for two years to new M.D.s and Ph.D.s who will apprentice in the laboratories of senior investigators.


Project Grant

A named Project Grant is valued at US$110,000 over a period of two years and will support the research of an established investigator working on a specific project under the direction of a designated Principal Investigator.


Research Career Development Award (RCDA)

A named RCDA is valued at US$115,500 over a period of three years (US$38,500/year).  This is awarded to researchers who are well on their way to becoming outstanding independent investigators.


Clinical Research Career Development Award (CRCD)

A named CRCD is valued at US$148,500 over a period of three years. This is awarded to promising young medical or pediatric oncologists to afford them the time to conduct clinical research projects and to obtain additional training to become leaders in clinical research programs.



A named Professorship is valued at US$385,000 over a period of seven years and is awarded to senior faculty or persons in equivalent positions who have made outstanding contributions to cancer research.



Acceleration Grants

US$110,000 over a period of two years

Graciously spearheaded by Michael and the late Sally Gordon z”l, these grants offer benefactors another unique chance to have a hand in accelerating the process of cancer research.  Intended to speed up our efforts to fully understand the biology behind cancer, grant applications in this category are required to propose highly-innovative approaches that have the promise of pioneering new ways of thinking about cancer biology and therapeutics.


Collaborative Funding Awards

US$495,000 over a period of three years
Awarded to the most promising cancer research projects being conducted on a collaborative basis between an American or Canadian research institution and investigators in Israel.


Special Funding Initiatives

For a minimum donation of US$550,000 over a period of three years, ICRF will issue a special request for applications focusing on a particular area of cancer research and/or a specific cancer type.  Current examples of such special initiatives include: The Brause Family Initiative for Quality of Life, The Len and Susan Mark Initiative for Ovarian and Uterine/MMMT Cancers, and the Jacki and Bruce Barron Cancer Research Scholars’ Program, a partnership with City of Hope in Duarte, California.


Donors who sponsor an award at any of the above levels may name that award in honour or in memory of whomever they wish to designate.  Award sponsors receive letters from their ICRF scientists describing their work, and may visit their scientists’ labs in Israel by prior arrangement.